I love dyeing

Dyeing is so much fun. I thought using food dye was a lost cause, because all the colors would be bright.  I was totally wrong.  I found a color chart for McCormick dyes at http://www.beckarahn.com.  There were so many wonderful colors to try, so I did!  
I started by making olive.  It mixed yellow, blue, neon green, and neon purple.  Attempt number one was not a good color, it was too brown in my opinion. So I added more yellow and blue and it was perfect!

The one on the left was #1 and the right is #2 (though #1 looks more like #2 :-)).  

Next was golden oak.  Mix red with neon green you get golden oak. Go figure.  It was an ok color. 

Next was pumpkin! Because despite it being 90+ with 70% humidity, pumpkin stuff is coming out.  I loved the pumpkin color!

I still gad some course wool to dye, so I wondered what would go with pumpkin and olive…  I looked at the chart and saw navy.  Why not?  Blue with a tiny bit if red makes navy, not purple, go figured! 

So I had 3 good not bright colors made with food dye!  Woot!  Now to dye some fluff!  I started with 2 0.5 oz pieces in a pot, presoaked. I add citric acid  (1 tsp) though there was some in the dye too.  I put them in a pot and added dye on thirds.  I think I added too much water because the colors mixed too much.  Yuck.  This is not going to be pretty!

So I took another 0.5 oz and put it in a second pot and added less water.  Looks better!

Now to let them cool….. that’s the hard part.  I have no patience.  COOL NOW!!!  ARGH!

Ok, these are about as bad as I thought…

Could be wrose but they aren’t good. A learning experience.  Hopefully the other one is better… (I’m making turkey burgers as I let it cool, so I don’t mess it up.)

Hahaha yes I can speed up cooling! 

Ooh, it turned out pretty good! I like it!

Cool!  This technique is called space dyeing, I’ve been wanting to try it.  This was a good learning experience!  Take home message: don’t add too much water!


2 thoughts on “I love dyeing

  1. So let’s see so far you are spinning yarn and dyeing yarn. When do you grow wool. Like a baby lamb in the back yard lol. Kidding aside what fun dyeing was on a hot day. Nice colors too


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