Adventures in Dyeing #2

Ok, I started with #3, so I’ll start working backwards.  The very first yarn I dyed was wool that I hand-spun (why yes, this is #2.  In #1, I dyed roving).  I had made several short pieces that I tied together to make a skein that was actually long enough to make something.  I decided to dye it with turmeric.  I had a nice, big bag in the pantry that I had bought at the local Indian store.  For the record, the wool I used was mixed Blue-face Leicester.

I soaked the yarn for 30 minuted in 1 cup white vinegar and 4 cups tap water.  You might look at the picture and wonder if some is single ply and some double-ply yarn…  you’d be right.  First attempts at spinning, so I was experimenting.


While this was soaking, I added 1 tablespoon turmeric to 3 cups of water in a sauce pan.  I boiled this for ~10 minutes, let it cool, and added an additional 1/2 cup of water.  I then transferred this to a large pickle jar.  I squeezed the excess liquid out of the yarn, and stuck the yarn in the jar with the turmeric.

I let this sit overnight.  In the morning, I rinsed (and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed) the yarn to remove the excess turmeric.  Next time, I need to filter the liquid.  I was still getting bits of turmeric off the yarn when I made the cake….

It made a beautiful sunny yellow!  The pictures don’t do it justice.  I knitted it into a nice broken seed stitch (aka moss stitch) cowl.  I’ve read that turmeric color will fade in sunlight, so I am trying to keep it out of the sun.  Hopefully if it does fade, it will still be a nice yellow.  I don’t normally like yellow, but this is a really beautiful shade!20160327_183843


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